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Jun 2

Moved to iNDEV0R.TK

Dear reader and loyal followers of my blog. Thank you all for being with me on this blog for 2 years and I have greatly appreciated your support. Time has called for me to merge this blog back to my website,

My website will have all the information from now on, instead of spreading things all over the place. Pay my website a visit sometime. Thanks all!

Jun 1

Growing up

After starting and finishing an anime series last night I was left thinking about my life. What does it mean to ‘enjoy’ youth? Is it to get out there and do things as you please, because you are young? Is it to do the right things and do our job which is to study? 

Time passes by quickly, and there is little time for anyone to do much of anything. Without realizing, perhaps the youthful high school days fled by. After so many years and looking back at today, would I be pleased and say: “I’ve had a good time when I was a young adult”?

Being surrounded by your parents and them surrounding you all day ‘caring’ for you isn’t really happiness. Should I be happy? As we grow up things start to get blurry, and the field of view gets wider. The contours of the world gets softer, blurry and almost no boundary. 

For now I think it is the best if I search on for an answer, find what can bring me happiness… An uplifting melody, a splash of vibrant colors. Here I am, waist deep in thought.

Some new sexy INDS Client snapshots. This time sorting, pinning and color stripping are all implemented

My poem in a nice visual + audio form. Thanks again to DDRKirby(ISQ) for his awesome music :)

The tide retreats,
sweeping my troubles away again.
A thought crystalized,
a wish sublimed.

In the air, you are near.
Are you there?
In the sea,
an orange glare.

A deep breath,
my feelings unsettled:
soaring in high skies,
submerged in turbulent tides.

A world coated with a dreamy haze,
with a golden glaze.

A realm drenched in the aqua hue,
with shades of blue.

- Inspired by DDRKirby(ISQ)’s music Remember: